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Sometimes, cats need some special one-on-one care that can’t be provided at a busy animal shelter. A foster offers their home, time, and love to care for those cats who have the greatest needs.


 Rescuing without TNR is like putting a band-aide on a broken leg. It doesn’t get at the heart of the problem we are trying to fix. Trappers go out to the communities to help free-roaming cats and stop their harmful breeding process.


 An integral part of TNR and our operation as an animal rescue group is bringing cats and kittens to the vet to ensure our animals are in peak health condition.


At the Community Cat Center, we house a number of feral and abandoned cats in our pre and post-op center. This job requires a little bit of time and a whole lotta’ love. Volunteers will be feeding, cleaning, and socializing our furry guests in the TNR room and Pat-A-Cat Lounge.

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All volunteers must be over the age of 18.
Due to the level of commitment and training involved, PawsWatch cannot accept applications from individuals that need to fulfill school or court mandated community service requirements.
All potential volunteers will be interviewed and anyone who will be involved in ANY aspect of animal care must undergo training before their active participation at the center.
Volunteers with ninja computer skills are especially needed for data entry, etc!

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