The town of Tiverton needs your help!!

If you know of free-roaming cats in your area (unowned cats, living outside) within the town of Tiverton, please call or e-mail the Community Cat Alliance of Tiverton with the location and we will humanely trap them to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated.


All information received will be held in strict confidence.

Rhode Island has a free-roaming cat overpopulation problem. It is estimated that this population exceeds 50,000 state wide, and every year they produce more than 100,000 more kittens, of whom an estimated 75% die within their first 6 months of life.

A group of animal welfare organizations in RI have teamed up to solve this problem, and we are starting in Tiverton! The Community Cat Alliance of Tiverton (CCAT) has received grant funding to implement a two year demonstration project in Tiverton to implement a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. TNR has been successfully used throughout the U.S. to humanely reduce, and eventually eliminate free roaming cats.

In TNR, volunteers trap feral cats, transport them to veterinary clinics where they are sterilized and vaccinated. This will prevent more cats being born into this difficult experience. The cats are then returned to their familiar habitat where we ask if you or someone can provide a means of food and shelter(with our help if needed). Our goal is to transform the population of free-roaming cats, into healthy, managed colonies. These colonies then decline through natural attrition, reducing the number of cats killed or euthanized in shelters.

Please help us by telling us where we can find these cats in Tiverton!!

e-mail us at

PS: We are also looking for town residents to volunteer to help us, so if you like to get involved, please call or e-mail us.