For a special Pawswatch certificate indicating that a donation was made in memory of or in honor of your loved one, please include the recipient address and the name of the honored pet or individual with your donation. **Donations can be made via check to our mailing address or via credit card (please include recipient address and name of the honored pet or individual in the remarks box at checkout). For a special space on our tributes page to honor your beloved pet with a photo and a few words, please make a minimum $20 donation and email us a photo and your dedication of 75 words or fewer.

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In memory of Shiloh and Howard.  Many thanks to Clair McGrady of Cumberland.

In memory of Bibet and Kathleen.  Many thanks to Catherine Walters of Cranston

In memory of Cleo.  Many thanks to Pat Emsellem of Newport.

In memory of Heny Milham, loved and cherished by Beth, Russ, Manny & Ketzie Milham of Newport, RI.  A joyous soul who loved to play and create raucous silliness to amuse his humans, and always sang for his supper. You are deeply missed.