FurGoPet Deshedding Tool For Cats

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FurGoPet Deshedding Tool For Cats

Postby paws2016 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:29 pm

FurGoPet is an excellent deshedder – grooming tool. Some cats instantly like it, others take a bit getting used to it.

It is designed to get down under the surface coat and get the deeper layers of fur. I was stunned when I first got it and tried it on a couple of my cats that seemed to have relatively well groomed coats without a lot of dead fur coming off them. I got several handfuls of dead fur off even the best groomed cat. The ones that had longer fur or denser, more plush fur even more it seemed.

it can be a little rough and pull fur out if you’re not careful. I try and pull it through the fur at a steady pressure but not force it if it seems to get stuck. If that happens I generally try again from where it was moving without pulling fur out on its own.

One of my cats is a pacer when he’s getting petted and will walk back and forth in front of me. He loves it and all I have to do is hold it and he pulls it through his fur himself. I do have to be extra careful while he’s doing that and make sure it doesn’t get caught and he keeps pulling.

I got them for between $25 and $26 on ebay.
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