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Home Again Microchips

Postby paws2016 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:17 pm

In this day and age I think its very important to microchip your pets. The ones I’ve been getting are from Home Again, www.homeagain.com.

They allow you to build profiles of the animals with photos to help identify the cat or dog. They also allow you to volunteer as a lost pet specialist who will be notified of lost cats and dogs in their local area.

If your animal gets out or gets away you can immediately go to their site and make a lost pet report, and also report if it has been found. The cost is around 50 dollars and well worth it.

The one negative is it is currently a subscription service after the first year, which is about 15 or 16 dollars a year if I remember correctly. I know there is at least one other brand that is a lifetime service with just the fee to buy the chip.

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