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Hot Food

Postby paws2016 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:49 pm

If you are providing wet food to outdoor cats during winter time, there's nothing better than a hot meal.

If you microwave a 5.5 oz can of Friskies pate for 18-25 seconds, depending on how strong your microwave is, it should be quite warm without being so hot the cat won't eat it. You may have to experiment a little bit with the time you zap the food.

If you must drive to the site you feed at, as opposed to it being outside your house where you can put the food right out, give it a little longer and put it in a closed container while you carry or drive over.

The more cans you bring, either the longer you have to zap the food or zap each can separately to make sure its still warm enough to help when you reach your feeding site.

Be careful if the can has a lot of oil in it and is not pate, that will heat to a much higher temperature than the chunks so will definitely need to be stirred and be careful it isn't too hot.

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