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Winter Tips

  1. Water is just as hard as food for cats to find in the winter. If you are putting out water in a regular bowl you can microwave it to the point of being warm but not hot-hot before you put it out. It will last longer before freezing and if the cat gets to it while its still warm they will drink it and get a little extra heat as a result
  2. Heated water bowls. You can get them on ebay for about $25. They typically draw only 25 watts so will not add anything significant to your electric bill.
  3. If you put out canned food just as with water, zap it a bit in the microwave and it will give them extra energy if they eat it while its warm. I do a full 5.5 oz can of Friskies usually 20 seconds. As with water you want it warm but not so hot the cat won’t eat it. I have a very good microwave so you may need to do longer and/or shorter depending on the unit you have.
  4. Alley Cat Allies has a page with good general advice here –

And this page with a gallery of about 20 different kinds of shelters from simple to elaborate, with instructions on how to build them. Click on each shelter photo to go to the instructions I believe.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Thanks To Cranston Parks & Recreation !

When a Pawswatch volunteer responded to a request for help at 9 pm last night he found a kitten estimated to be 6 weeks old 30 feet up a tree and with the short ladder he had with him unable to reach the kitten.  It had been there for 2 days already in hot weather but was strongly meowing away and there was nothing that could be done until the morning.

When the tree cutter that the Pawswatch volunteer called got out there at about 8:30 the next morning with his climbing gear he found Cranston Parks And Recreation staff there with a ladder tall enough and already bringing the kitten down.  We want to thank them very much for their kindness and effort in saving the kitten.  Especially the one of them who immediately adopted the kitten and headed off to his new home with !

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rhode Island House Bill H5223

On Wednesday (April 29th) at about 5:00pm, the RI House Committee on Health, Education & Welfare discuss a bill that PawsWatch has had introduced (by Rep. John Edwards of Tiverton), to change the language in RIGL 4-24, Section 8, which covers cat abandonment. Briefly, we want the language changed so that someone “returning” a cat after a TNR procedure could not be prosecuted for cat abandonment.  The house lawyers came up with wording which the state vet does not like.
Gil Fletcher, Director Of Pawswatch has suggested the following:
This subchapter shall not apply to any established animal welfare group that is engaged in the activity of trapping free roaming or feral cats for the purpose of spaying or neutering these cats provided, (a) the cats will be released at the same property that they were trapped, and (b) the cats will be spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian, vaccinated for rabies and feline distemper, treated with an anti-parasite pharmaceutical, and identified with a left ear tip.


April 26. 2015

Register For The New Pawswatch Forums !!!

We are happy to add an important part of social media to our site, online forums where you can see our TNR knowledge base, post lost pet alerts, see cat product reviews or warnings if we hear of a tainted product, or even have fun just talking about your cats !

These are moderated forums and posts have to be approved so please be patient if it takes a little while for them to come up.

Please register and join our community !



There are so many needs to address in animal welfare that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. With many different organizations trying to address every issue, collaboration and supporting the efforts of others rather than duplicating these efforts is oh so important. There are so many wonderful organizations out there doing great work for animals that compliment what we do here at PARL. One group that PARL would like to tip our hats to is PawsWatch.

PawsWatch is a volunteer group that provides veterinary care and shelter to Rhode Island’s feral and free-roaming cats. Rhode Island, like most of the country, has an abundance of displaced cats living in our neighborhoods and towns. PawsWatch is working hard to find ways to spay and neuter as many of these cats as possible and to provide communities with tools and resources to care for them. For more information about PawsWatch, please visit their website


Tommy’s Story in the Providence Journal
Keeping tabs on Rhode Island’s feral cat population
But when he hears Jerry Pepka and Elizabeth Davis pouring dry cat food in plastic bowls, he runs out from a backyard on a freezing day and takes turns eating from the three heaping bowls they placed in the crawl space of a three-decker off Valley Street in Olneyville. Although Freddy been living outside for a while, Pepka can tell he once had an owner by the way he interacts with people. A cream-and-white male comes out from another yard but keeps his distance. A young longhaired cat across the street cries when she sees them, but stays where she is. continue reading……

Cat trap and release program proposed in Tiverton

The Tiverton Town Council was asked to help trap feral cats at its meeting in Town Hall on Monday night, May 12.

“We’d like to engage the town of Tiverton” in this pilot program, said Gil Fletcher of the nonprofit Paws Watch organization. “What we’re doing now is not working.”
Mr. Fletcher described the pilot program as “trap-neuter-return” or TNR. Continue Reading…….

Oreo’s Legacy

His second home had another cat which had always been maintained as an indoor cat. Oreo had been outside for so long that he objected, very hazardously, to staying inside. His second owner relented and allowed him to go in and out at will. This owner eventually moved and, although her landlord told her she was allowed cats, she was told, 2 months later, that there was a limit of one cat only. She would either have to sacrifice 1 cat or move.

Continue reading…….