Board of Directors

Gil Fletcher

Meribeth Bowden

Michele Barcelou

PawsWatch is an all-volunteer, non profit organization dedicated to helping Rhode Islanders provide spay/neuter and vaccinations for neighborhood feral cats. We are an IRS approved 501(c)3 charity (05-05-13435) and a United Way Agency #8587.

Our work is funded entirely by community donations, a small number of grants, and fundraising events. We have no paid staff or employees, and no physical office. So more than 90% of the money we raise goes directly to providing veterinary care and support for homeless cats and kittens.

PawsWatch was founded in Newport in 1997. Since then we have expanded our coverage to include most of the state of Rhode Island. PawsWatch has funded the spay/ neuter of more then 20,000 free roaming cats in Rhode Island! Last year, we provided veterinary care for 1,635 feral and abandoned cats.

Additionally, PawsWatch is growing in recognition and influence! For the past three years, we have been working diligently to reorganize the organization to address free-roaming cat overpopulation at a higher level, while still providing TNR help to our neighbors. That higher level included working with government actors at both the state and municipal level, and a huge amount of networking, collaborating, talking, and negotiating with just about anyone who would listen to us. It was hard work, but we are now partnered with nine other RI animal welfare groups, working to develop a state-wide network to reduce feral cat over-population, and its attendant suffering.