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Rhode Island’s volunteer network for feral cats
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What is TNRM?

TNRM stands for “Trap, Neuter, Return, Monitor.”
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Shelters are very important for a quality of life for these animals

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PawsWatch is now a part of BISSELL Partners for Pets Program!!!

BF-Network-Partner-172H_0PawsWatch is now a partner of Best Friends Animal Society and a member of their No More Homeless Pets network!!!!



Proud Memeber of wp72e5d4e2_06 PawsWatch is a founding member of the Ocean State Animal Coalition



Cold weather has arrived ! If you are taking care of outdoor community cats please see our cold weather tips

If you have recently requested help with community cats please bear with us and be patient, many of our volunteers have 6-7 requests for help pending in their areas.

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